Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hard week

we crunched for days before Faeriecon and the turn out was sort of disappointing. no surprise, really... last year was slow and we signed up again for this year with the intention of making all sorts of costume pieces. we made a bunch of horns but that was about it. this past year has been too busy to prepare for such a small show.

now cynthia, azalea and andrew are in new york for the Soft Flex show this weekend. I have high hopes that it will turn out well. I will be here all week working on my cartoon and finishing some piano music after cleaning up the house and fixing up the mustang.

off to the auto parts store and sporting goods store. I started working out recently and really forced myself to do more than ever before... and for the first time in my life I felt great the next day. The pain I felt before now feels like a deep tissue massage. I love it.

office work is almost done for the day. time for fun with bob and steve.

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