Tuesday, October 28, 2008

back from minneapolis, on to pittsburgh

minneapolis was a good show. I always enjoy seeing Doris and Bruce, the Iontas from Spotted Moon and the Star of the North artists. For a few years now we've made a tradition out of Saturday night lousy Chinese buffet. It's fun to joke around about the food and laugh about the day's experiences with customers.

and now i'm going to pittsburgh on friday for Jane's Bead Mercantile show, which has always been great. i like the people in the show and I've even become quite familiar with the hotel staff over the last three years.

steve and sarah came over recently to record some music for my cartoon and it went really well. it sounds great considering my lousy recording equipment. i showed my cartoon in progress to several people at the show in minneapolis and received a wonderfully positive response. it was very reassuring to hear people laughing (especially one girl in particular who said she watched a lot of cartoon network and adult swim). so I'll be taking all the equipment with me this weekend and will be working on it every night I'm there.

then I return on Monday night and fly out on Tuesday for the Oakland, CA - BABE! show. Aveesh's birthday is on the 4th, so i'm going early and staying during the week before the show on the 8th and 9th. busy busy busy

but i miss cynthia and azalea when i'm gone.

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