Thursday, July 27, 2006

music and friends on the mind

my roommate from college, Steve Gornick, is visiting us this week. That was ten years ago now!
He and TJ and I lived on 9th ave. in Columbus, OH and we all went to school at CCAD.
Anyway, "Oso" (a name steve is commonly known by) is here and he is very musically driven... more so than I, actually. But it has been very inspiring and we've been working on new songs.
Here is an electronic piece I wrote last year, and we've talked about reworking it together:

Waking and Walking Again

Thursday, July 20, 2006

our first film project

so I've been thinking about the first project I'm going to film when I get my camera and all that. I may adapt a W.B. Yeats fairy tale, as most of his stories (especially those categorized within "Trooping Fairies") are lively and unusual and very visual. Then again, I see the benefit of writing my own for reasons of creativity. I wouldn't want to misrepresent the true meaning of Yeats' stories... but I don't want to restrict myself either.
I'm thinking about a story of a man who accidently builds a cabin in the middle of a well-traveled, woodland fairy path. And then a wretched little creature approaches him with a riddle to save his soul....
Fun stuff. Good times. Anyone in the Asheville area who wants to work on some projects, let me know.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my cartoons on newgrounds!

Here are the links to my cartoons on newgrounds (or you can click one and navigate to the others on the site):


Waiting Room

The Man With No Arms