Monday, December 31, 2007

A poem for my father....

This situation has been a tragic one, but should not be forgotten. I can either let it depress and inhibit me, or uplift and inspire me.

This is a poem I wrote for my father, and I wish I had the chance to write this before his funeral so I could have shared it with the people there:

Every day a new beginning,
Every day a precious end.
Suffer not from loss at ending;
Endings start the clock again!

Time continues, new life grows,
sprouting from old life's decay.
On to where, nobody knows;
yet unknown, it brought this day!

Let this day be one of learning,
each day worthy to defend!
For every day's a new beginning,
every day a precious end.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paul James Ogden, 1951-2007

My father just went to his Home in the sky this morning at 3:38am. He was a great man. I will miss him dearly.
Biology has taught me a bitter lesson. This whole situation makes me feel even more like a spirit "trapped" inside this temporary physical existence.
I can still hear him and feel his presence and sense his mind. He dwells within me now.

Friday, December 07, 2007

wisdom throughout the ages.....

Still reading Don Quixote; for many years i've been told it's about this guy who goes crazy and runs into the world finding exciting quests for himself and his compadre, Sancho Panza the aloof, stupid sidekick.

but i've found it's actually about a man who realizes that goodness, kindness, chivalry, charity and sacrifice are the keys to an enlightened state of being. He then discovers that once he had the realization he became obligated to it.... or in other words, a person is wasting his life when he can't live up to at least what his mind is capable of comprehending.... or in other words, exercising Will Power is like proving to yourself that your brain is working properly.

Don Quixote is becoming more and more enlightened with each passing adventure. He applies to his future experiences the knowledge he gains from screwing up in previous ones. One of his most common problems is to seek recognition and fame for his wonderful deeds….

I'm still only about 120 pages in, out of almost 1000. I just read a section where Quixote is once again praising himself for a job well done, and questions Panza about his lack of enthusiasm, to which Panza replies:

“I’m a peaceful man, sir, meek and mild, and I can overlook any insult, because I’ve got a wife to support and children to bring up.”

This stuck with me, because it’s true that nothing can harm you emotionally when you live for such a noble purpose.