Tuesday, February 10, 2009

heading home from tucson

the show was great...
the best part was staying with kate mckinnon and her family.
we already signed up for all three shows next year,
and we're staying with kate again. it's nice to have everything locked down already.

i did a couple drawings too.
the first portrait is of my most excellent friend Aveesh Singh:

the second is of Andrew:

and here are a few sketches of character ideas for a story:


kate mckinnon said...

Come back!
We miss you terribly.

g.p.ogden said...

thanks so much, Kate. We miss you too. Cynthia can't wait to come next year and see what all she missed. Love to you, bill, liam and evan.

Carter said...

wow....those drawings are really nice.
What a fun surprise. I hadn't checked your blog in a while because I have been trying to spend more time at the torch and less time at the computer. I'll have to tell Aveesh to check out your blog!
Hi to all of you, hope Hawaii is great!!!

Jean said...

very fine drawings

Janet said...

Do you Illustrate books? If you dont you need to!

Dave Ogden said...

Love to see an artist at work...

props to your pencil skills!