Sunday, April 20, 2008

getting ready for denver, co show

tony has been working hard in the garage, doing an awesome job on wax trees in preparation for the rocky mountain bead bazaar. we'll probably be casting on Monday night or Tuesday morning. Cynthia is hard at work on her book proposal for Interweave, as my meeting with them in denver is friday before the show.... and I've been hard at work on my new cartoon!

I now have the vocal tracks for the elephant, squirrel, acorn and bumblebee. I still need the carrot, jackalope, peanut, turtle and incidental characters. It's a lot of fun! But I need to complete the entire soundtrack with music and everything before I can start animating over it.

Here is a picture of sally in development:


Jean said...

I love this!!!

Carter said...

Hey Greg-
Carter here. I love your little squirrel! You and Aveesh are in Colorado now. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. See you next week in Oakland?