Wednesday, November 28, 2007

just finished casting, getting ready for orlando!

Tony Blackwell put this wax tree together for me, and I think he did an amazing job! The picture doesn't quite capture the glory that is this piece... he crammed about 50 charms on there!

So we're getting ready for the Bead Mercantile Orlando show... and we'll be staying with Cynthia's folks down there. Then on Tuesday our friend Jeremiah from will be attending a show where his work will be on display in Miami, so we're going there to support that and say hi and all.

If you come to the show in Orlando, mention my blog and I'll give you an additional discount! You've got to come get some of the little charms in this pic!

1 comment:

DutchVanDizzle said...

Whoa!!! That looks like a tree of yummy chocolate covered pretzels.
What are all of those delicious charms? looks like someone has been working overtime again.
good luck in FL.
see you soon :)